PAx, authenticating with CAM and mutiple instances

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PAx, authenticating with CAM and mutiple instances

Post by Steve Rowe » Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:32 am


We've a client UATing PAx and we are having an erratic issue with the PAx client where the authentication is not persisting. They are using CAM authentication / Mode 5.

What should happen is that when you log into a single instance, you do not need to log into all the other instances as your client session has already been authenticated. i.e. Logging into server A means that reports versus server B and C work without issue.

When the failure happens we see two types of behaviour.

Failure on client launch / initial log in - PAx Client is required to connect to all instances when logging to browse objects etc. Connections do not persist, logging into server B appears to log you out of server A.

Failure post log in - PAx Client working happily connected and reporting to multiple instances. Then refreshing a sheet versus server A requires a relog. Then refreshing versus server B requires a relog. If we then go back to server A sheet we are need to log back into server A.

We've not been able to establish any pattern of how and why this happens and are working the issue with IBM support but just wanted to reach out to you lovely people and see if anyone had encountered and fixed this or had some ideas on what to twiddle or extra monitoring to turn on.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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