SaveDataAll Persistent Feeder Behaviour

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SaveDataAll Persistent Feeder Behaviour

Post by ofintm1 » Tue May 08, 2018 10:52 am

TM1 experts,

When running a SaveDataAll with persistent feeders switched on, we have noticed the .feeder files are always resaved with an updated timestamp.

E.g. we run a SaveDataAll and the .feeder files are updated in the data directory. This may take 1 minute or so. As a test, 15 minutes later we re-run SaveDataAll and the same .feeder files are updated despite no data changes in the last 15 minutes. Is this expected?

We were under the impression that these files would only change for the cubes that have had data updates since the last SaveDataAll.

We are running 10.2.2 FP 7.

Many thanks,

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