c# custom application for Tm1 CAM

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c# custom application for Tm1 CAM

Post by kavitha2002 » Sat May 05, 2018 7:11 pm

Hi I am new to TM1,

At present, I am trying to achieve - invoking the IBM Cognos BI login Screen first from our c# application and after successfully logged-in I would like to redirect to the c# Application main page.

By doing so, in HTTP header cam_passport will be set in cookie rite. Then no need to login again when opening the tm1web cubes and websheets .

Currently in c# application which has access to Tm1 web url api cube and websheet - dimension, cubes access via Rest api.

Previously c# application was working at IntegratedSecurityMode=1 now we switched to IntegratedSecurityMode=5 with Active Directory configured.

My Idea is to login into c# application then automatically tm1web, tm1 server explorer and IBM cognos should have logged in- Is it possible???

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