New attributes cubes and functions

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New attributes cubes and functions

Post by Wim Gielis » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:39 pm

Hello all,

I'm a bit puzzled. Looking at the control objects in a recent Planning Analytics Local installation, I see cubes like }CubeAttributes, }DimensionAttributes, }ProcessAttributes, }ChoreAttributes, }ViewAttributes_[CUBE], }SubsetAttributes_[DIM], ... coupled with the use of functions that you we can find here: ... 71004.html

Specifically, the ...AttrInsert functions.

- for attributes on the cubes or on the dimensions, why not just using an attribute on the dimensions }Cubes or }Dimensions ? The cube }DimensionAttributes is similar to }ElementAttributes_}Dimensions, no, and isn't it overkill ? If we want to loop over the attributes of a dimensions, should we loop over the contents of 2 cubes (if they exist) ?
- we can insert an attribute of type Alias. How can we use it ? Can we somewhere toggle between element name (say, a view) and its alias ?
- I can see potential to use these cubes, like for example, storing information by Process in }ProcessAttributes, but this could already be done in a 2D cube with dimensions }Processes and an own dimension, right ? In fact, I could already have such a cube and named it }ProcessAttributes :D Way before IBM did it :o


Best regards,

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