IBM TM1 license details

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IBM TM1 license details

Post by svchowdary83 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:24 am


I have few quires regarding the IBM CognosTM1 license.

For my existing TM1 application we are using 20 licenses(This application we are using 3 tm1 components i.e TM1 Architech,TM1 performence modelar,TM1 Application web).

The new proposed application (we are planning to start)which required 28 licenses(This application we are using TM1 Arichtect,TM1 perspective,TM1 performence modelar,tm1 web).

Below are the details we need.
1) In the above both applications(existing & New) we are using same user id's, but passwords are different for logging TM1 interfaces.

How IBM is considering these TM1 licenses?
for example: 20(existing)+28(new)=48 licenses or overall it will consider 28 licenses.


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Re: IBM TM1 license details

Post by gtonkin » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:23 am

License are firstly counted based on the users contained within the }Client dimension. Based on your post, if you create 28 users, you will need 28 licenses. Not sure if any of those users are Admin too, if not you would need and Admin license in addition to the users.

It gets more complicated based on version and roles/privileges but you generally need 1 Admin/Modeller and then add the other authorized users after that.
Method of connection to TM1 does not matter i.e. Architect, Perspectives, Web (except on Planning Analytics where usage of PAW does require users to had an additional license if upgraded or have purchased the relevant license when buying PA)

Hope this is enough details as licensing can get tricky and most people would steer you towards your IBM partner/IBM to get an official response.

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Re: IBM TM1 license details

Post by Steve Rowe » Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:29 pm

This isn't a good place to get confirmation on licence details. The only really accurate place is from the people who sold you the software.

The exact nature of your licence agreement will vary depending on when you bought it.

If it is a recent purchase then a named user has the rights to log into as many TM1 Instances / databases as they like. (The number of TM1 instances you can run being constrained by your server side licensing)

So if you have 20 people on Instance 1
and the same 20 people on Instance 2 then you only need 20 licences in total.

They must of course be the exact same 20 real world people and not just 20 log ins that are shared between 40 people.

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