TM1 and Cognos BI - HTS notifications

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TM1 and Cognos BI - HTS notifications

Post by oalarcon71 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:52 pm

Hi Masters,

I have the following ISSUE with TM1 10.2 HTS-SMTP Notifications.
I have already configured the HTS and BI RELAY SMTP Server, it works for some mail address but others.

TM1 uses CAM Security with Cognos BI.
The issue is as follows:

In Cognos BI, there are several Active Directory to manage the users community.
Somo Active Directory handle NATIVE USERS, but other AD just handle the users as CONTACTS, like Skype, so for this users, in the AD there is configured the field Mail with the email address for the users.

One Active Directory for native users, uses the domain mail address, and they are handle as NATIVE AD USERS.
Other Active Directory for CONTACT USERS uses the domain mail address, for example MY ACCOUNT is like this,

In TM1 I'm using CAM security to Manage the groups and users through Cognos BI which retrieve from several Active Directories the groups and the users for TM1 being used, for example:
Domain TELCEL brings TELCEL domain users from Cognos BI for TM1.
Domain ADAMX brings other users as same.

In order to bring this groups and users into TM1, I have to log on with an ADMIN USER for each domain in Cognos BI, then manage the groups and users I need for TM1 and TM1 Applications.

<<< URGENTLY >>>
I need to know which field is retrieve to Cognos BI within the Active Directory users, for the EMAIL ADDRESS, in order to check that this field is loaded with the correct email address.
Which field is used to search the Email Address by Cognos BI in the Active Directory?


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