TM1 Workflow - Using multiple Approval Hierarchies

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TM1 Workflow - Using multiple Approval Hierarchies

Post by CathyBoots » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:14 am

Good Morning everyone,

I'm looking for some help please.

I'm using Planning Analytics 2.0.2 on windows and I'm trying to create a workflow application which has multiple dimension subsets as the approval hierarchy.

What I'm aiming to do is have Departments and Version as a combined approval hierarchy.
Currently these are separate dimensions.
Dimension 1 is Departments: finance, IT
Dimension 2 is Version: Forecast, Budget

Approval Hierarchy:
  • Finance - Forecast
  • Finance - Budget
  • IT - Forecast
  • IT - Budget
Does anyone know of a way to have 2 subsets in the approval hierarchy?
I could add a new dimension to be used with the workflow, however I'm trying to avoid that as it's more maintenance.

Thank you

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