TM1Web losing format on TM1RPTROW

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TM1Web losing format on TM1RPTROW

Post by Ajay » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:03 pm

Hi All

I’m using TM1Web 10.2 and am encountering a format issue when using a published Active Form, which does not occur when using the report in Perspectives.

The TM1RPTROW loses it’s formatting, as defined within the TM1RPTFMTRNG, when users double-click to expand the node on the TM1RPTROW row. The formatting returns when they collapse the node. In Perspectives the correct behaviour is exhibited. I have checked and confirm that I am not using any unsupported functions in the report, infact, I have a built a very simple active form directly from a cube view without any "jiggery pokery" to make sure that I have a virginal active form !

I’ve checked the column A values to make sure nothing is going amiss there and all is working fine, as expected.

I wondered if anyone else has encountered this ? I’m not a heavy user of TM1Web, so apologies in advance if the question appears simplistic.

x64bit 10.2.2, w2008R2 OS Enterprise Edition, 1TB HD, 384GB RAM, MS Excel 2010, Cognos 10 BI

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