TM1.ClientMessage Could not read message header

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TM1.ClientMessage Could not read message header

Post by zodiacviv » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:47 am

Hello Guys,

I am currently working with TM1 version 10.2.2 FP6. I have encountered issue due to which we see error occurs while TM1 tries to log server activities in tm1server.log file - TM1.ClientMessage Could not read message header. I checked IBM links and they say this issue happens when tm1s.cfg has the same port number for PortNumber and ClientMessagePortNumber (i.e. we assign value 5001 to PortNumber parameter).

But, for our configuration, we use PortNumber = 12600 and ClientMessagePortNumber is blank (which means by default this is 5001)so I think we don't have the conflict which IBM has mentioned. What I could find by searching more is that some process is blocking port 5001 and hence TM1 is not able to use same for message reading. Also, when I change ClientMessagePortNumber=5505, logs are correctly registered in tm1server.log file.

Please help me with suggestions how I could find the exact reason for this conflict.
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