Connection between Cognos BI to TM1 - Dispatchers and Services

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Connection between Cognos BI to TM1 - Dispatchers and Services

Post by l_kothamasu » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:49 am

Hi All,

Currently, we are using Congos BI Version 10.2.2 Fix pack 2 and TM1 10.2.2 Fix pack 4 version and Excel 2013 64 bit.

Currently, all reports are designed and maintained in Cognos BI (Which means, data source is TM1). That is how current organization is been maintaining since more than 3 years. May be in the future we are planning and aim to re-design them everything in TM1.

Anyhow, since last few months, we are facing a problem in Cognos BI connection to TM1. When business users are trying to execute/extract the reports from Cognos BI, then It's getting an error message as " The TM1 server XXX/XXX cannot be found". Finally we have investigated and found the issue is with "Dispatches and Services" in Cognos BI Configuration. So, every time, we are doing TURN OFF and TURN ON the "Dispatchers and Services" in IBM Cognos Configuration and business users are able to extract the reports from Cognos BI. But, it's keep getting daily now a days.

So, May I know, what exactly causing an issue? and what would be the best solutions to resolve this issue?


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