Planning Analytics - PAX DBS function

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Planning Analytics - PAX DBS function

Post by CathyBoots » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:01 pm

Hi All

Has anyone tried the DBS function on Planning Analytics for Excel yet?

I first had a problem with the DBS and DBSW functions automatically changing to a DBRW when using a custom report. You couldn't copy the function or click and drag because once you entered the formula and clicked off the cell, it would change to a DBRW!

I changed it to a snapshot, but now I can't get the DBS functions to calculate en-masse. For them to work, each cell needs to be "edited" - ie you need to click in and out of the formula for it to work.

I've tried the buttons on the PA bar, "Refresh Sheet", "Refresh book", "Rebuild sheet", "rebuild book", "recreate book"...

Has anyone else experienced this?
And does anyone have a work around??

Thank you :)

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Steve Rowe
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Re: Planning Analytics - PAX DBS function

Post by Steve Rowe » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:05 pm

I've not tested directly but from what you say it seems likely that DBS is not yet supported in PAx (or it is, but is bugged which amounts to the same).
Your likely workarounds are probably reverting to perspectives or flat file and TI load.
It might be worth playing with the calculation mode. PAx is expecting to be in calculation automatic mode but I'd try it both ways.

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Re: Planning Analytics - PAX DBS function

Post by tphi » Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:26 pm

formula changing into a different formula shouldn't happen, are you running perspectives at the same time as PAx in excel?

if you change it to a snapshot, i wouldn't expect it to 'refresh' at all. (regardless of the ribbon buttons clicked)

only issues i am aware of with dbs* in PAx are

a) if any writeback fails for a given cube's dbs's, all the writebacks for that cube's dbs's will fail (it is treated atomically)
b) the error response of a dbs function is #value, instead of in some cases (ready only, etc) returning the current value.

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Re: Planning Analytics - PAX DBS function

Post by jyoung66 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:09 am

It didn't work when copying and modifying a DBRW formula with the equals sign in it, BUT copying and modifying without the equals for some reason DID work!?!

So copying and modifying =DBRW($A$1,$B$2,$B5,$A5,J$4) to =DBSW(100, $A$1,$B$2,$B5,$A5,J$4) DIDNT work

But copying and modifying DBRW($A$1,$B$2,$B5,$A5,J$4) - Note no equals sign to =DBSW(100, $A$1,$B$2,$B5,$A5,J$4) DID work

Must give the credit to a tenacious TM1 administrator at my client site for figuring it out, I had sworn and given up!

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