Recursive Subset Creation

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Recursive Subset Creation

Post by jim wood » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:56 pm


Below is the code for process that give you the ability to create a subset based on the children of a consolidation. You can limit the subset to x number of levels below the parent and you can also ignore the parent. Due to the way it is built you can stack multiple versions within the same subset:

Code: Select all

### Parameters
pSubset: string
pDim: string
pParentElem: string
pElem: string
pLvl: number
pLimit: number
pIgnore: string

#Always pass pSubset, pDim, pParentElem (send blank), pElem and pLvl
#Optional: pLimit and pIgnore

### Prolog

# Written by Jim Wood
# 10/11/2012

i=ELCOMPN(pDim, pElem);
    IF((pLimit=0) % (pLimit>pLvl));
        'pSubset', pSubset,
        'pDim', pDim,
        'pParentElem', pElem,
        'pElem', ELCOMP(pDim,pElem,i),
        'pLvl', pLvl+1,
        'pLimit', pLimit,

This has been helpful when creating subsets within views for data sources. As MDX subsets lock servers when they are used within a view for say exporting data, this works around the issue without having to create an MDX subset and copy it to another static subset,

I hope it proves useful,

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