New TI Process & Chore Command-Line Execution Utility

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Re: New TI Process & Chore Command-Line Execution Utility

Post by Mike Cowie » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:28 pm

pobrouwers wrote:Hello,

I'm trying to use this exe with CAMpassport.
I've the CAMPassport from C8 but it doesn't work.
Whath the good syntax.
Thx in advance

Quite honestly I was never sure how best to test this with the CAMPassport login option and never had a chance to do so - it may not even make much sense from a command-line, to be honest, given the EXE may not be running in the same context as whatever you used to get the passport. We're using a TM1 API function for CAM logins that is pretty thinly documented at the moment. I'd been using the CAMNamespace option without a problem, which was only complicated by the fact that the namespace parameter was case & space sensitive (unlike all other things TM1). In theory, the CAM Passport login option would just need the valid CAM passport, but like I said I couldn't test that.

Your best bet might be to try out IBM's new (as of TM1 9.5.2 HF1 or 9.5.1 HF14, but can work with earlier TM1 releases) TM1RunTI executable anyway - given it's existence, official support from IBM, and overlap with this utility I don't think we're really planning to develop/support our own version of this executable much further. It existed because Applix/Cognos/IBM never had one of their own (well, not as officially/completely) and, now that they do, there's no need to duplicate effort/functionality! I don't see a CAMPassport option in TM1RunTI, but like I said above it may not be as relevant from a command-line EXE like this.

So, I'd try that TM1RunTI.EXE avenue next - I believe some of the documentation on TM1RunTI has already been posted elsewhere on the TM1 forum and if you have problems finding TM1RunTI on IBM's downloads a quick support call should help you get your hands on it.

Hope that helps!


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Re: New TI Process & Chore Command-Line Execution Utility

Post by nmcdermaid » Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:13 am

I realise this is an old thread but I thought I might post the results of my investigations against Cognos Express

I've used TIExecute successfully against Cognos Express 10.1 with the following syntax:

Code: Select all

TIExecute localhost CXMD "CAMNamespace;CognosExpressActiveDirectoryID;<youwindowslogin>;<yourwindowspassword?" RunProcess <yourprocessname>
Note that:

[*]CognosExpressActiveDirectoryID is the logical namespace name for the ActiveDirectory namespace, which can be found in cogstartup.xml
[*]Use your actual windows login, not the name that appears at the top of Cognos Connection or the name that appears as a client in Architect

I hope this helps someone.

It's a shame that option "TM1Integrated" doens't work - I don't like putting passwords in clear text. FYI I get this unelpful error:

ERROR: TM1 Login failed. Error message is:
199: SystemServerCAMSecurityRequired

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