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Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Martin Ryan » Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:19 am

In order to continue the one-stop shop aim of OLAPForums I'm opening up a post for those who make a living out of TM1 to advertise their presence here. Suggested layout...

Location: City and country
Type: E.g. official partner, freelance contractor, agency (who has heard of TM1!)
Contact: Way you'd like to be contacted - email, phone, private message on forum
Other details: Anything else you'd like to add, e.g. size, specialities

False statements (e.g. claiming to be an official Cognos partner when you're not) will result in your post being deleted and no re-post allowed.

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stephen waters
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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by stephen waters » Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:34 pm

Location: London, UK
Coverage: UK, Europe and Middle East
Type: Certified Cognos Silver Partner,
Contact: See our web site or via email to

InfoCat is a management consultancy and one of the leading full service TM1 implementation partners in the UK. With over 12 years experience of working with TM1, we provide a full range of services including analysis, development, training and support. Our team of TM1 certified consultants combine in depth technical skills with many years experience implementing performance management applications.
We are expert in all aspects of TM1 (eg Rules, Turbo Integrator, Optimisation, Reporting) and also in complementary technologies such as VB, VBA SQL and web.
Our clients cover all sectors and our main focus is on budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and analysis for finance departments.

What we offer:
Our approach is flexible and reflects the needs of our clients. This can range from full system development of a project to design advice, health checks, optimisation and targeted trouble shooting.

If you need to develop a new application, extend an existing system or need some specialist advice; please contact us to see how we can help.

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John Hobson
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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by John Hobson » Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:55 am

Location: Lytham, Lancashire, UK
Coverage:Principally UK, but I have worked in Europe, Middle East, USA and Japan
Type: Cognos Silver Consulting Partner 2008,
Contact: See our web site or via email to


The Planning Factory (John Hobson) has been working with TM1 since 1996 and can offer a wide range of services from system analysis and design to training and support. As well as TM1 I can work with Jedox Palo for those of you with less flexible budgets.

I specialise in Retail and in particular Merchandise Planning, but also work in Financial Budgeting and modelling with non-retailers. TPF's clients range from large supermarkets like J Sainsbury (Merchandise Planning) to printing supplies companies (Domino).

I also speak fluent French and passable if rather rusty German


I approach projects from as a business consultant first and a systems designer after that. I firmly believe that the systems tail should definitely not be wagging the business dog, :)

The flexibility of both TM1 and Palo allows me provide flexible yet robust solutions too my clients.

Call me on +44 1253 796499 if you would like to discuss what you are trying to achieve.
John Hobson
The Planning Factory

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Cubewise - Platinum IBM Cognos Partner

Post by ScottW » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:06 pm

Locations: Australia: Sydney and Melbourne, Europe: London UK and Brussels BE
Coverage: (where we are implementing TM1 in the next couple of months) UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Middle East, Asia, Australia, ...
Type: Certified IBM Premier Partner. Certified Cognos Platinum Partner as software reseller and services provider, IBM Cognos Asia Pacific FPM (TM1) Partner of the Year for 2007/08 and 2008/09.
Contact: or
Cubewise.JPG (6.32 KiB) Viewed 48538 times
Cubewise is a focused consultancy built up of people passionate about TM1. We believe strongly in delivering the power and flexibility of TM1 to our clients in a way that allows them to self-maintain and further develop TM1 by themselves.

With a current client base of over 120 TM1 clients worldwide and growing rapidly, Cubewise has sold and implemented over 15 new instances of TM1 in the last year. Cubewise has implemented some of the largest TM1 systems in the world (Enterprise licences for clients up to, for example, 1500 budget input users).

Our group of currently 20+ (and growing) TM1 and Cognos BI consultants brings together a wide range of experience and backgrounds, a common thread being our passion for TM1. The majority of our professional staff are IBM certified TM1 consultants.

We provide expertise across all aspects of TM1: model architecture, integration with source systems, TM1 rules, TurboIntegrator, TM1 web, Executive Viewer, etc. (please see attached brochures.) Our consultants first and foremost solve business issues and have commercial acumen not just technical abilities. Cubewise has experience implementing and developing Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions across a broad range of industries and applications. In particular, Cubewise has deep expertise in the following industry sectors and practice areas: retail, financial services, property, pharma, insurance, supply chain, HR reporting, financial consolidation, budgeting and forecasting, project accounting, product and segment profitability, activity based costing.

Cubewise also has a Cognos 8 Competency Centre which is focused on the integration of the Cognos 8.4 platform with TM1 and Cognos BI implementations, sales and support. Cubewise Training Services can offer standard or customised TM1 training on or off site from experienced trainers who know TM1 inside and out. As a full service Cognos partner Cubewise can also offer support and development services in ReportStudio, PowerPlay, Finance, and Enterprise Planning. Data Warehouse services are also available.

Recently, Cubewise have compiled the combined experience and Intellectual Property of our Consultants and created a suite of TM1 End User as well as TM1 Development and Administration Software products, the first two of which are the Cubewise Extend Toolbar for Excel and Cubewise Vizier for TM1 Developers and Administrators (see attached data sheets.)

Cubewise Practice Areas:
Business Performance Management: budgeting, forecasting & integrated reporting
Retail reporting & analytics
Financial reporting and consolidations
Workforce management, HR reporting & Payroll reporting
Ecowise carbon & environmental reporting
Cubewise Customer Success Case Studies:
Attachments: For further information please click through to the following PDF files.
Health Care
Not For Profit

Cubewise Software Fact Sheets:
Cubewise Extend toolbar for Excel
Cubewise Vizier for TM1 Developers and Administrators
Contact: Vizier Website or
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QueBIT Consulting LLC

Post by Mike Cowie » Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:29 pm

Location: Scarsdale, NY, USA
Coverage: Primarily North America, serving many clients worldwide
Type: IBM Premier Partner and 2012 North American Business Analytics partner of the year
Contact: 1 800-QUEBIT1 or
Quebit_logo_rounded.jpg (7.07 KiB) Viewed 40064 times
About QueBIT:

QueBIT is a leading provider of Business Analytics consulting services. QueBIT has been engaged on hundreds of successful implementations of IBM Business Analytics Software, including over 350 implementations of IBM Cognos TM1. Utilizing proven, best practice methodologies that provide companies with efficient, easy-to-use solutions at exceptional value, QueBIT empowers companies to make intelligent decisions faster through our Collaborative and Rapid Enablement (CARE) methodology. With the acquisition of Big Sky Analytics our depth and breadth of expertise is unique among Business Analytics consulting firms, covering the full range of IBM Cognos products, including TM1, BI, Disclosure Management and SPSS. As an organization, we share a common passion for innovation and commitment to customer success.

QueBIT also develops and sells, with its partners, complementary IBM Cognos software products as part of its QueBIT FrameWORQ family of products, including long-established products like OLAPObjects (now WebWORQ) and Applix TM1 Consolidations/JRE/SCOPE (now ControlWORQ). Our products have been commercially developed and used since 2000, enabling our customers do do more with their existing Business Analytics implementations, including:
  • BoostWORQ: Boost your TM1 Excel productivity with a rich set of TM1-aware utilities, for example TM1 formula and dimension auditing capabilities
  • ControlWORQ: Bring financial controls, including Journal Entry and Intercompany Reconciliation & Eliminations capabilities, to your TM1 financial reporting and consolidation models
  • ReportWORQ: Automate the creation and distribution of TM1 reports to your users
  • WebWORQ: Build rich, customized web applications & dashboards using TM1 with no programming skills required
Finally, QueBIT offers IBM Cognos Training classes. We offer not only traditional on-site training with a live instructor, but also Online training, which can save your organization greatly on travel expenses. In addition, we are able to review your educational requirements and come up with a customized training program that fits your specific needs. Our training is provided by certified technical trainers.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Viet » Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:37 pm


Location: Paris, France
Coverage: France, Europe, Northern Africa
Type: Service Provider, IBM Cognos France TM1 preferred Trainer,
Contact: web site / email to

Anone provides solutions, consultancy and expertise for Business Intelligence (IBM Cognos TM1), Business Process Management Suite (Appian Enterprise) and Customer Relational Management (iET Solutions).
With over 10 years experience of working with TM1, we provide a full range of services including analysis, modelling, development, training, support and coaching.
We are expert in TM1 (Application Modelling, Turbo Integrator, Rules, APIs for tailor-made Applications, Optimisation, Reporting Automation, Process Automation) and also in complementary technologies such as MS-Excel, VB, VBA SQL/Oracle and web.

What we offer:
With a pragmatic vision of professional services and customer committed, we often use the agile methodology to quickly deliver the applications corresponding to the requirements of our customers, ensure knowledge transfer for customer autonomy: reporting, budgeting, rolling forecast, stock analysis, hr, marketing campaign, project management and costs analysis...

If you need training, develop a new application, project management or coaching, extend an existing system or need some expertise for application optimisations (rules, TI processes, automation...), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by tm1expert » Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:58 am

Location: Toronto, Canada
Coverage: Toronto, Europe
Type: TM1 & Cognos BI Architecture and Implementation,

Expert in Cognos TM1 (Appliocation Architecture, Modelling, Turbo Integrator, Cube Rules, APIs, VB, VBA, TM1Web, EV)
TM1 Automation Guru: Designed and Implemented fully automated solutions with TI scripting (from database creation, data load from many different datasources, Security Implementation and Report delivery)
Expert in Cognos BI (Framework Manager, Report STudio, Metric STudio, Analysis Studio, EVent Studio)
ETL and Database development Expertise.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by paulsimon » Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:21 pm

Success Cubed Ltd
SuccessCubed.JPG (2.32 KiB) Viewed 24361 times
Location: London UK
Type: Contractor - IBM Implementation Partner
Contact: Email: [url]mailto://[/url]
Other details:

15 Years experience with TM1 - part of over 26 years experience delivering Management Information, Reporting, Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting systems, in industries such as Finance, Insurance, Airlines, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Public Sector, PFI, Energy, etc.

Offers expertise in:
  • Cubes & Dimension hierarchies
    Rules (the language for specifying calculations in TM1)
    Turbo Integrator (the tool for loading data in to TM1 and maintaining dimension hiearchies)
    TM1 API (Developer and Vendor of the TM1EasyAPI and zTD_TM1_Utils)
    MDX (The Microsoft query language supported by TM1)
I have a library of pre-built Cubes, Rules, and Turbo Integrator processes, which can help kick-start any implementation. I have experience in Currency Conversion, Allocations, Cash Flow, Product Profitability, Activity Based Costing, etc.

Also experienced in Relational Data Warehouse techniques such as Ralph Kimball, and other tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis & Integration Services, MicroStrategy and Essbase.

I am a Chartered IT Professional with the British Computer Society.
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TM1 Contract and Permanent Opportunities

Post by Rullion » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:55 pm

Location: London
Type: Agency for Contract & Permanent TM1 Analysts, Developers and Architects
Client: Financial Client
Contact Details: For further details please contact me at

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Inca » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:52 am



Location: Surrey - UK
Type: Premier IBM Partner + Cognos Platinum Partner + Cognos Partner of the Year (UK) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

Inca, an Avisen Plc company
20 The Avenue
Egham, Surrey
TW20 9AB

T: 01784 270 860
F: 01784 270 861

About Inca:
Inca, an Avisen Plc company, is the largest and most successful UK IBM Cognos partner, providing customers with the full suite of IBM Cognos products. Inca’s professional services division is home to the most experienced performance management team in the UK, having implemented IBM Cognos solutions for over 400 companies across all industry sectors. Inca is the IBM Cognos Partner of choice for companies who want to gain a clear understanding of business performance through improved performance management processes.

Our experience has taught us that technology only takes an organisation halfway towards its planning and reporting goals. It is excellent advice and support that will ultimately help finance departments transform the planning and reporting culture and ultimate performance of their organisations. Working with Inca allows customers to take advantage of an unrivalled services and support team. Inca has over 70 years of collective business and financial planning expertise, and is the most successful provider of performance management solutions across Europe.

About TM1:
IBM Cognos® TM1 is enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalised forecasts and budgets.

Rapidly analyse data and model business requirements for your entire organisation and use the results to budget and forecast with confidence for better business outcomes. More than budgeting and forecasting software, Cognos TM1 is a complete enterprise planning solution.

For more information on TM1 or Inca, please visit our website:

Brandon Miller
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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Brandon Miller » Wed May 12, 2010 9:36 pm

Location: Headquarters in California, with additional offices on the west and east coast
Coverage: United States
Type: IBM Cognos Certified Partner
Contact: or


Thoughtstream Consulting is a certified IBM Cognos Partner with a primary focus in Cognos Performance Management products such as TM1, Planning, CX, and CF. We have an excellent track record in supporting our clients on projects ranging from Financial Statement Consolidation, Planning and Forecasting, to general reporting needs. To keep it short and simple, we take pride in being able to support our clients with any of their training, implementation, or sales needs with Cognos products.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by ahmedmedina » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:58 pm

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Coverage: USA and Canada
Type: IBM Cognos 8 and TM1 Consultant

We have 12 years experience with IBM Cognos with extensive experience with Cognos 8 and 7 to 8 migration. We also have consultants with TM1 expertise.

We are the developers of P3 technique that significantly boosts performance of Transformer cubes. We have also developed 3D tooltips, drop shadows and pop-up prompts that significantly improve the look and feel of Report Studio reports.

Ahmed Medina

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Planist » Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:02 am

Locations: Istanbul
Coverage: Turkey and Middle East
Type: IBM Business Partner

Planist is a specialist professional services organization providing consultancy, implementation, training, and support services to its clients who are using IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) in their Financial and Operational Performance Management solutions.

Here is the type of FPM solutions we implement for our clients:
  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
    Financial Reporting & Consolidation
    Profitability Modeling
    Management Reporting
    Strategic Business Planning
    Sales Performance Analysis & Reporting
    Scorecard & KPI Management
    Cash Flow Management
    Bank Reconciliation & Transaction Matching
Here are some of our client case studies for implementing: ... study.html

Planist Financial Performance Management Solutions
Planist_Logo.jpg (26.51 KiB) Viewed 13601 times
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Successful Plans, Successful Businesses

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by WouterM » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:08 am

Location: Leuven, Belgium
Coverage: BENELUX (and beyond)
Type:Performance management solutions provider, IBM Business Partner, IBM Cognos Platinum Partner, BSP Partner


Numius offers the following services in the field of performance management:
* Consulting services
* Delivery and Implementation services
* Training & Coaching services
* Continuity services
* Managed Solutions

Reseller for most products of the IBM business analytics stack (BI, Planning, TM1, CX, ..)

Implementation technologies currently used:
IBM Stack:
- IBM Cognos BI (all components inc. Transformer)
- IBM Cognos Planning
- IBM Cognos TM1
- IBM Cognos Express
- IBM Datastage
- IBM Information Server
- IBM InfoSphere
- IBM Cognos Datamanager
Non-IBM Stack:
- MS SQL Server + SSIS
- Oracle
- Informatica Powercenter
- BSP Metamanager

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by aveness » Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:17 am

Locations: Perth, Adelaide, Queensland, Singapore, London, South Africa, Netherlands
Coverage: Global
Type: Fully Certified IBM Partner & Certified Cognos Partner as software reseller and services provider
Contact: or or (08) 9226 2290

Solution Minds is an global consulting company providing specialised strategic advice and implementation services on enterprise software and performance management solutions.

Established in 1999, Solution Minds has grown rapidly to 20+ experienced consultants and project managers providing services across Australasia and 115 internationally. With some of the most experienced Cognos & TM1 consultants in the market, we are the leader for Cognos in WA & SA. With experience in Cognos series 7 & Cognos 8 Planning & Business Intelligence, TM1 & Cognos Express.

Renowned for being collaborative and pragmatic we are committed to providing outstanding service and exceeding expectations.

Our Head Office is based in Perth, Western Australia and we also have associates in Queensland, Adelaide & Singapore. With associates in the UK, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Industry experience:
- Mining
- Oil & Gas
- Utilities
- Education
- Government
- Manufacturing
- Engineering
- Retail
- Banking
- Services
- Healthcare
- And more....

Amba Evans
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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by Amba Evans » Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:19 pm

Agency: Aston Carter
Name: Amba Evans
Purpose: TM1 Contract Placements

I currently head up the TM1 desk here at Aston Carter. I have been working in this field for about three and a half years now and feel that I have worked with the majority of the TM1 clients out there and would like to think that I know the majority of the TM1 contractors both actively looking and those who have been off of the market while in long term contracts.

My main aim over the last 3.5 years has not only been to place TM1 contractors but to develop relationships with them so that when the time is right you feel confident about working with me. This is an area that I understand very well and know who you know. What I pride myself on is having the upper hand over my competition, a lot of the roles that I work on are exclusively with me, this allows me to move quickly when client circumstances allow me to.

Aston Carter have a long history of not being a one stop shop but instead building strong relationships with their clients which means that we are top suppliers to the majority of the financial services world and a huge amount of commerce clients. This in turn means that I can represent my candidates via the correct route and because I know my market I can do so quickly.

Unlike other agencies that operate a TM1 speciality across teams I solely deal with TM1 here at Aston Carter. This means you will only ever hear from me (you will not get calls from others and will never have to repeat yourself!) this means that I know what is going on within the market and any gaps which needs to be filled.

I am always happy to hear from any clients that may need help with any resourcing requirements, likewise I am always happy to talk with TM1 consultants who are looking at the moment, could be looking in the near future or simply would like to know what is going on in the market.

Please do feel free to get in touch should you require any assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Amba Evans
A-EPM Selection Limited
3 More London Riverside, London
Telephone: 0203 283 4306 | Mobile: 07429 174 418

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by krishnadixit » Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:06 pm

Location: Mumbai, India.
Coverage: India, Middle East, USA.
Type: Consultants – IBM Cognos TM1, Cognos Express, & Cognos Planning
Contact:+91-9226778000 or
Information: We are Specialized & experienced Cognos TM1 Developers & Consultants providing IBM Cognos based Financial Performance Management solutions(Forecasting, Budgeting, Cashflow, Activity based dynamic costing) with over 7 years of IT experience. In Financial Performance Management (Enterprise Performance Management), we are specialized in IBM Cognos TM1, Cognos Express, & Cognos Enterprise Planning that offer a strong tool to build your Forecast, Budget, & Cashflows.

We provide solutions, consultancy & our full range of expertise services in:
  • Budgeting & Forecasting.
  • Process & Requirement Analysis.
  • Modelling & Designing.
  • Model Development & Implementation.
  • Product, Segment, Channel, &/or Region Profitability.
  • Activity Based Dynamic Costing.
  • Trouble-shooting & eliminating process bottle-necks.
  • Model hygiene check-up.
  • Support & Training.
Skill-set: Our expert skill-sets include –
  • IBM Cognos TM1 v9.4 & v9.5 (previously known as Applix)
    • Application Model Architecture.
    • Designing Complex but Interactive Turbo Integrator (TI) Processes.
    • Cube Rules.
    • Optimizing Rules & Feeders.
    • Implementing Multi-level & Dynamic Allocations.
    • Currency Conversion techniques.
    • Model Optimization that ensures long durability of the model.
    • Report Automation (using TM1 Web).
    • Designing Integrated Data collection interface (using TM1 Contributor).
    • Process Automation.
    • TM1 APIs for Tailor-made models. (Recently developed application: TM1 Documentor).
    • Optimization of ETL related processes.
  • IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning v7.3 to v8.4 (previously known as Adaytum)
    • Application Model Architecture.
    • Implementing Multi-level & Dynamic Allocations.
    • Currency Conversion techniques.
    • Model Optimization that ensures long durability of the model.
    • Reporting & Process Automation.
    • Dynamic Cube creation for Dynamic Reporting.
    • Expertise in Macros & Automation.
  • IBM Cognos Express
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle SQL & PL/SQL
  • Java & J2EE

Industry Experience: We have successfully provided our services in a large range of industries that include:
  • FMCG Sector.
  • Education.
  • Retail Sector.
  • Services.
  • Healthcare.
  • Insurance.
  • BPOs.
  • Cement Industry.
  • Telecom Industry.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by phamtinkt88 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:12 am

Location: HoChiMinh, VietNam
Coverage: Global
Type: IBM Business Partner, Consultants – IBM Cognos TM1, Cognos Express, Cognos BI
Contact: See our web site or via email to
logoGCS.png (19.12 KiB) Viewed 40486 times
GlobalCybersoft is the first one to successfully implement a fullscoped TM1 project in VietNam. With over 5 years experience in TM1 & Cognos BI, we provide a full range of services including fresh-implementation, outsourcing … We specialise in particular Expenses Planning, Merchandise Planning, Financial Budgeting (registered Best-Practice for Trading industry with IBM). Our certified consultants are expert in all aspects of TM1 (eg Rules, Turbo Integrator, Optimisation, Reporting)

Why choose us:
Clients that engage us engage a diverse, growing organisation of professionals ready to guide them through a complex process. You can be certain that our team will have strengths in four critical areas
If you need to develop a new application, extend an existing system or remote outsourcing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by nigina.long » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:24 am

K2 Partnering Solutions
Location: London, UK
Coverage: UK, Europe and Middle East, Asia, Latam, US
Type: Agency, Supplier
Contact: See our web site

K2 is a global staff augmentation firm specializing in the placement of niche enterprise consultants. At K2, we recognize that the most valued asset to any business is its people, and our team of associates are committed to the K2 standard of relationships, excellence and quality. Professionalism and expertise, complemented by multilingualism and global reach, enable K2 to connect you with the right people for the toughest assignments. Because after all, the best consultants in the industry don’t want a job, they want a challenge.

What we offer:
K2 is leading provider of staffing solutions worldwide in specialist technologies. Today we are an organization of 200 Associates across 16 offices in 4 continents, supplying over 800 quality consultants to clients around the world.
IBM Cognos TM1 is one of the main area of expertise for K2. We are working with clients all over the world, which allows our consultants to work in their most preferred locations.

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Re: Partners, Agencies, Contractors

Post by cognos_outsource » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:19 pm


Location: Main office: Kyiv, Ukraine. Representative offices: London (UK), Moscow (Russia), Lewes (USA).
Coverage: Global
Type: IBM Advanced Business Partner, Cognos certified,

Experienced certified Cognos consultants with prices comparable to specialists from Asia and understandable English.
Our expert skill-sets include Cognos TM1, Cognos Express, Cognos BI, Cognos Controller, MS SQL Server, WebSphere Message Broker (Service Bus).
Expert in Cognos TM1 (Application Architecture, Modelling, Turbo Integrator, Cube Rules with different kinds of difficult feeders, APIs, TM1Web)
TM1 Automation Guru: Designed and Implemented fully automated solutions with TI scripting (from database creation, data load from many different datasources, Security Implementation and Report delivery)
Expert in Cognos BI (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Metric Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio)
ETL and Database development Expertise.

Industry experience:
- Transport
- Manufacturing
- Retail
- Banking
Our Head Office is based in Kyiv, Ukraine and we have registered offices in Moscow (Russia), London (GB), Lewes, DE (USA).

Reality - quality and responsibility!

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