Introducing CubeWeaver

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Introducing CubeWeaver

Post by egeria » Tue Jun 16, 2020 12:48 pm

Hello TM1 Community,
I would like to introduce CubeWeaver, a fresh interpretation of the multidimensional spreadsheet idea. CubeWeaver is a cloud-based spreadsheet designed for financial planning, financial modelling, budgeting, reporting and what-if simulations.

There are three main design goals behind CubeWeaver:
- Simplicity: the UI looks similar to common spreadsheet software like Excel. No code, only formulas. Very few concepts to learn: worksheets (cubes), hierarchical lists with list items (relational tables/masterdata) and formulas.
- Modelling power: the unique cell reference syntax lets the user reference cell ranges from other cubes based on relations between lists. This technique combined with the multidimensional data model makes formulas as powerful as SQL.
- Robustness and scalability: CubeWeaver is designed to handle large numbers of list items, cube values and concurrent users.

CubeWeaver and documentation is available here:

I would be happy to hear what users of a mature cube planning software think about CubeWeaver.
Please use the contact form on the website or this forum thread to share your thoughts or ask a question.


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