Webinar - MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud

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Webinar - MODLR - The Corporate Performance Cloud

Post by Kyro » Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:58 pm

Hi TM1 Forum Community,

The last time I posted on this forum, was in April 2015 (I won’t link to it but you can find it if you go looking) and at the time, I was frustrated with the limited capabilities of other CPM platforms. I came to the realisation if I wanted a better solution, I would have to make one.

Fast-forward to July 2019, MODLR – The Corporate Performance Cloud, held our launch-to-public party, and we now have over 200 customer instances (cloud servers) of MODLR internationally.

MODLR is a cloud first corporate performance management environment, which leverages and improves on leading industry offerings. In MODLR you will find a lot of familiar concepts - Cubes, Dimensions, Hierarchies, Elements, Rules and an Excel Add-in along with some new ideas - Tables, Mappings, Model Variables, Set Instructions all with a distinct lack of feeder-writing.

We are holding a webinar on the 25th of February to show off all the latest features of the platform which will go into effect on the 29th Feb. This would be a good introduction to anyone in this TM1 community who has an interest.

Being a technology solution developed on the Cloud means that potential users can register and have a play with MODLR for free at https://go.modlr.co/ instances take 15 minutes to configure. Our technical documentation is held here: http://docs.modlr.co/.

As always if you have any questions or queries, feel free to private message me or ask via our website.

Thanks for your time,
Ben Hill

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