TM1SEC (TM1 statutory consolidation) why not?

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TM1SEC (TM1 statutory consolidation) why not?

Post by TM1SEC » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:29 pm

Hello TM1 experts,
I am proud to present you a simple solution for statutory consolidation based on TM1.
This is the easiest solution for customer looking for 1 (ONLY ONE) Analytic tool in order to fulfill ALL their reporting needs.

This solution is not a simple prototype!
It's currently used by several customers (half of them were former TM1 customers looking for a new statutory consolidation tool).

Here I share the TM1SEC highlights.
Let me know what do you think!
And do not hesitate to contact me for technical or commercial questions!
  • Personal defaults and custom workflow ... 930255101/
  • Multiple chart of accounts management (Italian statutory, IAS, managerial reporting...) ... 930255101/
  • Data load from any external sources (even from excel reporting packages) ... 930255101/
  • Pre-defined Web data entry forms according to the selected chart of account ... 930255101/
  • Debit-credit layout journal entries ... 930255101/
  • Workflow management (approval of financial statements) ... 930255101/
  • Consolidation tree and Ownership % calculations ... 930255101/
  • Stage consolidation
  • Business areas for segment reporting ... 930255101/
  • Intercompany balances reconciliation (even in transaction currency) ... 930255101/
  • Automatic journals (intercompany, investments, equity, dividends, profit in stock...) ... 930255101/
  • Pre-defined Working output Reports ( currency conversion, trial balance, journals list...) ... 930255101/
  • Multiple reporting structures
  • Pre-loaded “Annual report” schemas
  • Pre-defined security schemas ( end-user, consolidator, administrator)


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