References of Cells added to sheets to be maintainable

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References of Cells added to sheets to be maintainable

Post by gtonkin » Mon Nov 02, 2020 11:04 am

When adding a Cell to a sheet to make a tile or card like in Power BI, there is very little flexibility with regards to maintenance.

Unless you turn on the filters, it is impossible to ascertain the cell reference being pointed to. The filters include the dimensions and values but not the cube name.

There is no way to change the reference without deleting the card and adding back which means you will need to update all the properties including any conditional formatting rules.

There is a standard duplicate function but this would really only be useful if the reference could be maintained.

Other notes:

"Fields" settings does not work for cells - widget does not use field message

Spacing between title and value should also be a property as smaller card result in the bottoms of the value or titles being lost. Same issue where value is lost as the box containing it seems to need a grid block height of white space. Small cards just do not work.

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