To customize the error messages of TM1 Web

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To customize the error messages of TM1 Web

Post by Samp » Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:20 am

We use TM1 10.2.2 version on Windows. And whenever the TM1 web couldn't find the page (due to any reasons like broken URL), it returns the http status error messages (like 400,401, 404). But we dont want to reveal these kind of http error details to the users, instead we want to customize these messages so as to contact our team. This is seen as a vulnerability issue in our organization.

And hence, if any of you have worked on this kind of enhancement, may you please provide your kind suggestions.

1. We initially thought to implement it in the web application framework - creating a error.html and calling it from the, but later we realized that, from 10.2.2 .net framework is not supported by TM1.So we guess, this logic cant implement in ASP.NET for TM1 - Please correct us if wrong.
2. Then we are thinking to implement it in Apache Tomcat. But we couldn't see the configuration files httpd.config or .htacces in the tomcat sub-folder of where TM1 is installed. Not so sure, why ?
3. Or is it possible to implement this logic in tm1web_config.xml ?

Please advice.
If there is any related technote, that would be even great.

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