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RFE 78672-TM1 User Directories to be configurable in TM1S.CFG

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:25 pm
by gtonkin
Optimistic by nature, I have loaded this RFE:

Description: User folders within the TM1 Data folder create a lot of clutter and there should be a way to separate these in a similar manner to the Logs / RawStore directories.

Use Case: Administrator would configure TM1S.CFG to set UserDirectories for example to a location other than the data directory. All user folders and related private views/subsets would then be written there.

Business Case: Removes clutter, more easily managed source code/system objects, allow better disk management and maintenance, allows anti-virus to be configured less explicitly etc. etc.

Please vote if you see the benefit of this. If you have further justification that I can add, please tell me.
Thanks, George.