11-116375091 - Client 9.4.1 FP1 SubNm Formulas, Alias Error

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11-116375091 - Client 9.4.1 FP1 SubNm Formulas, Alias Error

Post by Alan Kirk » Fri May 08, 2009 6:28 am

As posted on Insight this afternoon. (I said that I wouldn't post any more on that until IBM's system came on line, but I believe this to be connected to an existing one.)

I believe that this is related to the changes made in SubNm formulas in 9.4.1FP1 (NB: That release does not appear in the Build drop down;it's 9.4.10100.55168. I've chosen the closest one.) See also request 11-115841041, which may be related.

If you select an element with an alias via SubNm, the 4th argument of the SubNm formula will be populated with the alias name.

In earlier versions, when you double click on the cell and launch the subset editor then the editor will display the elements with that alias displayed. In 9.4.1 FP1, the alias will NOT be displayed, and all of the elements will show their base names. You need to reselect the alias name to have the SubNm display it.

I can't confirm that this came in with FP1, though I can confirm that 9.1.4 displayes the aliases correctly.
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