Browser version returning empty grid

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Browser version returning empty grid

Post by pmakulski » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:13 pm

We're new users just getting started (9.5.2). We are getting the behaviour where a view is being used in the browser (IE8), and at some random request, the screen shows a blank grid and never comes back. Sometimes the back button saves the day, sometimes a logout is required.
This has affected mostly one user, though not exclusively). The situation does not always occur at the same step (which is usually just a navigation step).
I have had a person sit beside her and do key stroke for keystroke the same thing, and hers will return the empty grid, and the other user works fine.

It sounds like something local to the PC, but there seem to be no differences in access or browser or anything else I have looked at.

I have a ticket with IBM. But, in the meantime ...
has anybody else seen this behaviour?

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