PMR 42472,800,6Unresoved Hostname in Contributor User Client

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PMR 42472,800,6Unresoved Hostname in Contributor User Client

Post by WouterM » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:15 am

(this is my first post on this board, please do not hesitate to point me out
- if I am not following a rule (I have not been in the possibility to reproduce this issue yet, but it can be identified as not working as designed)
- or reposting a know issue, by myself I couldn't find such a thing)

Architecture: Single server, win23 64b
Version: 9.5.1 build 9.5.10000.5424 + BI runtime environment and integrated security mode = 5
IBM support ticket: PMR 42472,800,624 (we already had a remote session of a couple of hours with support)

General problem description: When logging on to Contributor as a user you are redirected to the Cognos 8 dispatcher. The first time the dispatcher will ask you "who are you" and reverify this against the namespace in C8. When ok you are being redirected back to the Tomcat webserver part of Contributor. What happens is:
=> 1. http://server:8080/pmpsvc/initialize.jsp (contrib tomcat ws)
=> 2. http://server/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi (C8 login screen)
=> 3. enter credentials and submit
=> 4. redirected back to contributor to http://server.DNS:8080/pmpsvc/applications.jsp (so the DNS part is the problem)
=> 5. receive error Network Error (DNS_UNRESOLVED_HOSTNAME)
=> 6. when manually removing the DNS part, you can continue without issues to contributor

As an att. I uploaded some screenshots so you can visualise what happenes.

The most logical things have been verified by ourselves and the people form IBM (basically everything related with configuration and setup of TM1/Contrib/C8). It is prolly something specific in this environment/TM1 combination. Installation is standard and we tested (see screenshots) in the planning sample. At the moment we have no recollection of exotic things in terms of network configuration/controllers.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

TM1 DNS Issue
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