9.0 to 9.5 Applications, Chore Shortcuts. Wrong processes.

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9.0 to 9.5 Applications, Chore Shortcuts. Wrong processes.

Post by Alan Kirk » Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:57 pm

Obscure but interesting; reported as PMR 05140,999,616.
Applications, Chore Shortcuts. RH window in Server Explorer returns wrong server's processes

This has been found in both 9.0 SP3 U9 and 9.5.1 HF4. It probably exists in all versions in between.

If you have a production and development server they will likely have objects with the same names. If you have an application shortcut to a chore that exists on more than one server, the processes listed in the right hand pane of Server Explorer will link to the FIRST server's processes.

To reproduce this, do the following:
(1) Have two servers running. The names don't matter; in 9.5.1 I used Planning Sample and sData.
(2) Create one or more processes with the same name on both servers.
(3) Create a chore using those processes on both servers.
(4) On the server that appears last in Server Explorer, create an application folder, and place a shortcut to the chore in it.
(5) When you select the chore, the list of its processes will appear in the right hand pane. (The Properties Window needs to be on.)
(6) Double click on one of those processes to edit it. The corresponding process from the FIRST server will be launched, instead of the LAST server's process. In the example above if your shortcut is in sData, it will be Planning Sample's process that is launched.

Why was I doing this? Because we have literally dozens of processes. A long, LONG list of processes, and there is no EASY way to copy a number of them into an application folder for easy access. All you can do is draaaaaaaaaag them all the way up the list, one at a time, until you've done them all. Heaven forbid that we could drag multiple processes from the right hand pane, or select several of them, then Copy and have a Paste Reference command which would put all of them into the application folder. So instead I HAD hoped to be able to put a reference to the chore, and then use THAT to get a quick link to the processes.

Due to this bug, however, that's not a viable option since the main time I want to do that is on the development server which, by design, has a name which places it after the production one in Server Explorer.

It may not be a show stopper, but it IS annoying. (Especially since when we really DO want to do cross-server references, we can't.) Please fix.
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