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PM14141 9.5 Performance Monitor Still Not Working

Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 6:46 am
by Alan Kirk
This has been discussed extensively, but is "for the record".

See also this thread regarding the defect in 9.4.

Submitted request, 23-Apr-10:
Since an early version of 9.4, Performance Monitor has been broken. It allows you to track the Admin user only (not even other users in the Admin group, just the Admin user) and even THOSE values aren't reliable. I've attached a spreadsheet from the latest release of 9.5 containing a suite of tests that you can do with the standard Planning Sample database.

According to the 9.4.1 FP3 fix list this was supposedly fixed under COGCQ00221853. According to another member of OLAP Forums who is running that version, it isn't. According to the tests that I ran on 9.5 this morning, it isn't.

Could you please advise when this will be fixed, *REALLY* fixed not just claimed to be fixed, in both 9.4 and 9.5?

Thank you.
Today's reply:
I have now replicated and opened this as a defect. The APAR# is PM14141
For those with a buzz-word allergy: ... 1389775#10
Tip #10: What is an APAR and how do I view them?

An Authorized Program Analysis Report, or APAR, is a formal report to IBM development of a problem caused by a suspected defect in a current release of an IBM program. If IBM development is able to confirm the existence of the defect they will update the APAR with any known workarounds and perhaps an indication of which future release, if any, of the IBM program they intend to target for a formal fix to the defect and whether or not a Program Temporary Fix (PTF) is planned. The APAR will then be published so that it is visible to supported customers.

If a Service Request / Problem Management Record (SR/PMR) that you have submitted results in an APAR being created and published, or is related to an already published APAR, your support engineer will advise you of the APAR reference number. You can find the APAR by searching for it using the search box at the top of any page on the IBM web site.
To view the APAR you can simply click the title in the search result. Notice that the key icon indicates that registration is required, and if you are not already logged in to the IBM Service Request tool using your IBM Registration ID (also known as your IBM Web ID, or simply IBM ID) you will be prompted to do so when you click the APAR title. Note that you might have already logged in to the IBM web site using your IBM ID, but this does not automatically log you in to the IBM Service Request tool.
Of course not, because a "one site, one login" principle of web design is for amateurs, not professionals. :roll:

And don't bother searching for it yet...
Please note it can take up to two weeks before your APAR is available for viewing and support does NOT have visibility to development ETA’s on defect resolution but can let you know if the defect has been fixed or not and if fixed, in which product release.
But at least it's out there (again) in this week's incarnation of the bug reporting system, at least.