87746 999 616 Type Mismatch error 9.0SP3U9 Client in Citrix

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87746 999 616 Type Mismatch error 9.0SP3U9 Client in Citrix

Post by Alan Kirk » Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:54 pm

Regular readers will be aware of the "affection" that I have for unhandled errors in code that people charge money for.

The method of load is unimportant; via an application shortcut, manually, by including it in the add-ins list; same result, every time.
The 9.0 SP3 client (tm1p.xla and related files) is located in a folder on a server.

When a local user opens this add-in on their desktop it works, provided that security restrictions are overcome.

However when it is used in Citrix, it generates an error 13 (Type Mismatch) on load. The menu item Save Workbook On TM1 Server is missing from the menu (the text is blank), and is not functional. (External files can still be added via Server Explorer.) The Print Reports menu item is blank, but still functions when you select it.

Leaving aside the fact that someone wrote VBA code in professional level software *WITHOUT AN ERROR HANDLER*, first, we can't deploy this via Citrix if the users will get an error message every time they load the add-in and second, we're missing a piece of functionality that was planned to be used extensively.

The Citrix server is an Intel Xeon running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1.

I'm aware that 9.0 goes off support in only a couple of weeks but really, it shouldn't be that hard to whack in a couple of lines of code in the add-in to do an error check and look up how the On Error Goto statement works. Odds are it's happening where the menu items are being created.
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