84026999616 When will ElIsAnc be added as a Worksheet functn

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84026999616 When will ElIsAnc be added as a Worksheet functn

Post by Alan Kirk » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:04 am

Yes, I'm aware that this is coming somewhat close to the "no ranting" policy in this sub-forum, but this is the request as submitted. At this point I'm almost beyond expecting to ever see the thing as a feature, and would settle for an answer of why it isn't.

How is this problem impacting your business?
Its absence involves whacking ridiculous amounts of VBA code into reporting workbooks.

Problem Description
For over 4 and a half years now, various members of the TM1 community have been asking for the ElIsAnc rules function to be implemented as a worksheet function as well. My original request on this dates back to Applix request 283664 dated 10 Februray 2005. The request was closed 4 days later, supposedly because it was being tracked elsewhere. Specifically, Applix support advised that "This has been requested by several users and the current intention is to add this function as a worksheet function. The issue is currently being tracked as 273789 and is due to be in a release in the Q4/2005 time frame.".

After (more than) 2 years of nothing happening, it was resubmitted on 5 May 2007 as request 356782.

By quarter 3 of 2008, a request had made its way into the Cognos support system as request 11-81169101.

Apparently that ended up somewhere in the IBM system (not on my account, but somewhere in there) as SR PMR 83772,999,616.

This, I was advised on 25 August, was closed. I wasn't told WHY it was closed, but closed it was. Actually I only found out that it was closed when I got an e-mail asking me to express my opinion on the handling of the case.

So again I ask the questions that I asked in 11-81169101 lo those many years ago:
(a) WHY this exceedingly useful function that dozens of users currently have to work around with reams of relatively slow VBA code is "Not Planned" when it was due so many years ago?
(b) WHY you continue to fail to implement a policy of harmonising the TM1 user interface by ensuring that the same functions, with the same names and the same arguments are available, where relevant, in ALL aspects of it; that is, Excel, Rules, TI and the API?

Response received from IBM, 28-Aug-09:

Sorry to say that this function is not available {Er, yes, that's kinda my point} and not targeted in TM1 9.5.

I will send your feedback to R&D.

I'm sure that's the answer to some question. Just not an answer to the two that were asked. But at least this time it got a response.
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Re: 84026999616 When will ElIsAnc be added as a Worksheet functn

Post by Martin Ryan » Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:58 pm

Time for another open letter in the Enhancements forum? I'll sign it. I suspect there'll be a few who would.

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Re: 84026999616 When will ElIsAnc be added as a Worksheet fu

Post by image2x » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:45 pm


I don't suppose this made it into 9.5?

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