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STET Problem when element name starts with number

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 6:23 pm
by tomok
I just ran across this issue today. I wanted to create a rule to apply to all the elements in a dimension, in this case Version, and then just STET it out at the top for the "Actual" version (we have multiple forecasts). So the STET rule initially looked like this:

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[] = N:IF(ELISCOMP('TAX - NT - Version', !TAX - NT - Version, 'Frozen Versions') = 1, STET, CONTINUE);
I had one child under this parent called "2015 Q3 Forecast". The STET would not work. All the rules underneath continued to apply even though "2015 Q3 Forecast" was a child of "Frozen Versions". So, I decided to skip the ELISCOMP and do this:

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['2015 Q3 Forecast'] = N:STET;
This didn't work either which is a no brainer that it should. So, I added another element as a child of "Frozen Versions" called "Q3 2015 Forecast", the key here being the element name does not start with a number. Voila!, it worked.

Has anyone else seen this before?

Version 10.2.2
Fix Pack 3

PS. This only happened on one server. Another server does not have a problem. Both are running the same version of TM1.

Re: STET Problem when element name starts with number

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:37 am
by Steve Rowe
Since it doesn't _appear_ to be a version related bug, maybe the element is reserved or locked and that is confusing the situation?

Is the behaviour preserved through a restart?