SaaS BI In the Cloud

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SaaS BI In the Cloud

Post by mce » Fri Apr 20, 2012 8:58 pm ... 11?&page=1

As you can see the prices in the link above, Business Objects is delivered in the cloud by pay per use in a SaaS model in AWS, and in affordable prices that makes it easy to implement by SMEs.
Unfortunately IBM does not seem to be keen in delivering Cognos suite of tools in the cloud on a SaaS model. Nor they make it affordable for SMEs as per strict and complicated licensing models.
It looks the luxury of one time gathering of sold license revenue seems to be more attractive for the big ISV than making the tool more widely deployed and generating more NPV in a strategic view. Short term revenue targets seem to overcome long term strategic benefits. We know who wins in long term. As IBM did not lead SaaS BI In the Cloud, lets hope it at least follows others...

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Re: SaaS BI In the Cloud

Post by BigG » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:21 am

Great news that the big players are starting to offer cloud capability for BI and CPM. I think IBM havent followed suite because legacy products do not easily transfer to cloud SAAS capabilities. They need to redesign/ build from the ground up for it to be a true SAAS model, otherwise its just cloud washing. To compete in this market they need a complete rethink - licencing, security, data governance, multi tenant, data storage and ease of use. Take away the complexity from the user by redefining the products, especially if the target is SME. Unsure how effective the SaaS model will roll with Business Objects without any changes because users are more aware that the cloud is about agility, flexibility, scalability, and economy of scale... but watch this space I guess.

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Re: SaaS BI In the Cloud

Post by jim wood » Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:39 pm

I've seen articles that contradict each other when it comes to cloud computing. Some are touting it as the future of computing, some however are not convinced. With the daily stories of internet slow down and security breaches some big companies (customers) are not committing to it. I think IBM are taking a wait and see approach. I do however hope they are looking at something. If it does indeed become the standard then they will be in danger of being left behind.
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