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Post by st2000 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:29 am

Hello all,

I just installed PA 2.0.3 into a Linux VM (CentOS 7 on Virtualbox 5.2, Host Win10 Pro 64 Bit). It works as I can start Cognos Configuration and the processes (Admin Server, TM1 Server, Planning Sample). I configured the support for pre-TLS1.2 clients to true.

But although I can see the login page (localhost:9510/tm1web/), after typing the topmost parameter for Adminhost (name, IP or localhost), I get a window showing just: SSL_TLSv2. Same behaviour inside of the VM (Firefox) and outside from the host PC (IE 11).

This indicates a problem with certificates, but a login to applications like PMHUB works. tm1_inst (for PA V2 R0, latest I found at IBM) guides how to import a certificate using a keytool command to run from the JAVA_HOME folder, but at first it asks if I trust the file ("yes"), then it says JAVA I/O Error, no such file. I use the preinstalled JAVA 1.8 already contained into CentOS 7. Is there anything obvious I could have missed?

Best regards,
Best regards,

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Re: PA 2 SSL_TLSv2

Post by guntupalli » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:53 am

i came across this even though getting the same error.

1.did you run the keytool command from 'bin' location that is associated to JAVA_HOME?
2.check the permissions before going to execute the command..

keep posting.

Best Regards
Best Regards,

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Re: PA 2 SSL_TLSv2

Post by asd900 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:16 pm

Hi, i'm also having a similar issue on CentOS 7 with tm1 web giving me a error that says SSL_TLSv2,
while i'm still able to access tm1 applications.

I have imported a certificate using the keytool command from the location of the JAVA_HOME folder,
but to no success.

did you ever manager to solve this issue ? as i am not sure what i should do next.

Regards Matt

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