Worksheets PROD vs TEST environments

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Worksheets PROD vs TEST environments

Post by teamkenji » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:44 am


I am using Application MS Excel Worksheets that are linked to Perspective Cube Views & Processes.

I understand that to update a worksheet onto the server(action buttons etc), I click on the 'Update' icon in the TM1 toolbar within the MS Excel Ribbon. Similarly I must use the 'Upload' icon to upload a new worksheet to the server (that I am currently logged into)

My question:

If I create a new worksheet in the TEST environment, it is not available in the PROD environment. Is it that I must create it again for the PROD environment? (or have the worksheet open whilst in TEST, and then log onto the PROD Environment and then upload the worksheet to the PROD environment?

Would another way be to keep a copy of all worksheets on my local machine, make all necessary changes and then to update them into the relevant applications on both PROD & TEST servers.



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