Planning Analytics Workspace Performance Settings

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Planning Analytics Workspace Performance Settings

Post by codingCPA » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:15 pm

Currently running planning analytics workspace on a windows server2016 machine with 4 cores @ 2.2ghz, 32 gigs of ram total and 10 gigs of free ram headspace on the server. I was wondering if anyone had any experience troubleshooting performance in workspace and what their solutions were. I'm also just wondering if working in workspace and opening large dimensions etc.. is going to be somewhat slow no matter what. There doesn't seem to be a lag to the point where it's not being able to fetch the data, but it is lagging enough to make it a little annoying to work in.

Is there anything I can do within configuration to boost performance? Do people not have the same sort of issues running workspace on a server with better specs? Any suggestions or experience here would be greatly appreciated.

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