Rule help needed-design issue

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Rule help needed-design issue

Post by Analytics123 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:05 pm

Hi, I have a Inventory cube with five dimension. Material, Months,Mesaures,StockCategory,Movemnt type.
For Movement types , we have three elements Beginning Balance, Ending Balance and Movement types. Here Movement types has many movement types like 101,102 etc..Here I had the ending balance as a consolidation of Beginning and Movement types . But I think its wrong and have to have the ending balance as n level element and then write a rule to consolidate.

Stock Category has two values one is other and Intransit. For Intransit the value of stock is loaded via ti process and has to be retained .

Now the first rule is ending balance of July 2016 has to carry over to the next month beginning balance.This is working fine .

But my calculation for stock category other has to be rule based meaning
[ending balance, other]=[totatlqty on hand ]*cost
And ending balance with intransit will still use the same value loaded via ti .

Now my overall ending balance should give me the result of Ending balance other +Ending balance in transit values total .

Also If I define ending balance as N level then
ENding balance = Beginning balance + All Movement type will be an another rule .

From my requirement do you think the ending balancce has to be a consolidation or an n level , the issue is my stock category dinensions memebers total are calulated differently for other and in transit .


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