Currency Fun

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Currency Fun

Post by EvgenyT » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:54 am

Hello Fellas,

Little currency fun here. Ever wondered how to display Euro, Pound and etc symbols in your currency cube?

By default TM1 lets you choose select Currency Category that will always display $ sign. You can try custom formatting, but that will prove fruitless, try typing £#,### instead $#,###. It will not work, but will give you an error: Invalid format type.

The trick is to select Currency Category and let TM1 apply currency format to it. Initially it will be set $. Then, open up your }ElementAttributes_Currency cube, your currency formatting will look something like this b:\$#,###0C|0||$. Now, simply replace $ will any relevant currency symbol and it will work. Note: it will only accept single value, e.g typing b:\Rand#,###0C|0||Rand for South African Rand will not work ( will blank it out automatically), you can replace it will b:\R#,###0C|0||R and it will show R100.00 in you currency cube. Also, not that you don't have to replace 2nd $ symbol in that format, i.e. you can leave it as b:\£#,###0C|0||$ and it will still show £100.00. I don't know what is the logic behind and I haven't tried to make it work for more than one value. Nevertheless, I replace both symbols for the consistence sake.

Customers find it visually appealing, as they can view currencies with its native symbols
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Evgeny Tarasenko

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