[10.2.2] "TOTAL" CAFE FP6 issue

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[10.2.2] "TOTAL" CAFE FP6 issue

Post by hittony » Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:26 am

Hi all,

We discovered an issue after our CAFE was upgraded from FP2 to FP6.

A report has a dummy line which has 2 dimensions, entity and product. Empty and "TOTAL" are two values in this line. With FP2, we didn't have any problem, however with FP6, we got a refresh error.

The debugging process is as following:
  1. Change product value from "TOTAL" to "TEST", refresh was successful;
  2. Change entity value from Empty to "TOTAL", refresh was successful;
  3. In product dimension, there's no member which is named after "TOTAL", but there's another whose name begins with "Total";
  4. In entity dimension there's a member whose name begins with "Sales";
  5. Change entity value from "TOTAL" to "SALES", refresh was successful;
  6. Change back product value from "TEST" to "TOTAL", refresh was failed.
The error logged is InvalidMDXExpression: Error forming tuple expression (rte 399)

Thanks for enlightening us for further steps.


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