RFE 82935 Hidden Dimension tab in TM1 Web 10.2.2

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RFE 82935 Hidden Dimension tab in TM1 Web 10.2.2

Post by Alan Kirk » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:23 am

While I was voting for Mr. Rowe's request I noticed another one; "The function "hidden dimension tab" in the cube viewer in TM1web in version 10.2.2 disappears. The request is to reactivate this functionality."

It's garnered 13 votes, which isn't a large absolute number but is a pretty respectable tally in TM1 RFE land which seems to have a pretty low level of user participation. (Perhaps because people have better things to do than have Internal Server Error pages thrown in their face every time they try to go there, but that's just speculation.)

I noticed the absence of this feature in 10.2 Web but wasn't unduly concerned with it. I was never a huge fan because while I could see the reason for having it in ye olde TM1 Web, I felt that it could potentially be more confusing than enlightening. I rarely if ever used it. But 13 is, as I said, a respectable total. So it occurs to me to ask... what is the feeling around these parts? Does anyone else miss this functionality, or would you rather it remain dead and buried?

Me, I'm ambivalent. I don't miss it but wouldn't be fussed if it came back.
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Re: RFE 82935 Hidden Dimension tab in TM1 Web 10.2.2

Post by Bakkone » Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:14 pm

FYI, I noticed that Planning Analytics will have the ability to hide a dimension from the end user interface.

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Re: RFE 82935 Hidden Dimension tab in TM1 Web 10.2.2

Post by qml » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:07 am

I would say it's a moderately useful feature. I was once very close to actually using it when a customer complained about a cube having too many dimensions, but in the end I redesigned the model rather than applying make-up to it. Although I can imagine some scenarios where it could improve usability.
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