RFE 66828-Action Button option to Rebuild a Specified Active Form

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RFE 66828-Action Button option to Rebuild a Specified Active Form

Post by gtonkin » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:49 am

Just logged this RFE too relating to Action Buttons-sure the user can RebuildCurrentWorkBook but why not just get the Action Button to be more friendly.

Action Button currently has a calculation option the Rebuild Sheet. If the user has a report that links to information contained on other sheets, with Active Forms, within the workbook, the user needs to go to that worksheet first, update the Active Form, return to the first and refresh the sheet to get the correct results.

Ideally, the Action Button should have an option to allow Rebuild Active Form and a drop down to select valid Active Forms in the current workbook.

Report packs with offsheet references to Active Forms which may be in hidden sheets cannot refreshed without first unhiding, then refreshing via an Action Button, hiding, going back to first sheet etc.
When using TM1 web for example, this is impossible. The only workaround is to have all Active Forms on the same sheet with the report above. Note too that hiding these active forms creates spurious rows when refreshed.

From a presentation point of view, the user is presented with a lot more than they need to see and clutter is created leading to possible confusion or distraction.

*working around this with macro code currently but obviously will not work in TM1 Web.

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