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Date Formats in BI for TM1 Numerics

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:19 pm
by jim wood

We currently have a BI report built that points directly to a TM1 cube. In the cube we have dates that we store as numbers and format using the attribute. Previously we had the values formatted to one of the standard date formats. The business decided they want to change the format to MM/DD/YYYY. I was able to do this using custom formats. In the cube they display as expected but the report is now shoeing just numeric values.

We have tried to use formatting within the report but that is being ignored. We have tried removing formatting in TM1 but the we are still not able to format the date in the report. Guys do you have any idea why we are seeing this and what we can do to resolve it?

TM1 Version: 10.1.1
Bi Version: 10.2

The date in question is held within the dimension identified as the measure dimension fro the cube. There is no time time dimension set. For the said measure dimension there is no hierarchy but there is a defined hierarchy for another dimension in the same cube,